• CA Water Board Watershed Recovery Fact Sheet

    Federal, State and Local Officials Working Together on Stormwater, Flood and Erosion Issues Following Wildfires - here is an overview of Agency Response to Fire Cleanup, Protecting Human Health and Natural Resources, Actions to Prevent Runoff Contamination and tips for residents.
  • Cómo Protejer la Salud de Su Familia

    Los incendios del Norte de la Bahia han emitido toxinas significantes a nuestro ambiente que están afectando nuestra salud. Los niños están especialmente susceptibles a la contaminación tóxica del aire. Siguen recomendaciones de cómo reducir la exposión a las toxinas, aportar apoyo extra nutricional y de hierbas, y eliminar la toxicidad poco a poco durante esta época.
  • North Bay Wildfires: Protect Your Family’s Health

    The North Bay Fires have dramatically increased the toxicity of our local environment. Children are particularly vulnerable. This document summarizes expert recommendations for reducing exposure & supporting health. Please consult your health care provider for customized recommendations.
  • OES Hazardous Waste and Debris Removal Fact Sheet

    This is the most up-to-date information (10/25) from the OES for homeowners and residents affected by the fires. It lists and answers frequently asked questions as well as cleanup start dates in different counties and jurisdictions. This is an official government document, regardless of what you have heard or read from other sources.
  • Post Fire Tip Sheet

    The most important rule is to be safe. Assess the property carefully before acting. Watch out for potential hazards. Consult with professionals as appropriate. Remember that the land has burned frequently over thousands of years. The native plants and animals are adapted to recover from fire. Be patient. Anticipate the wildflowers next spring!
  • Sonoma County Coordinated Entry System - Streamlined Access to Shelter and Housing Systems

    1-866-542-5480 Streamlined Housing Matching Service coordinated by service providers including Petaluma Peoples Service Center, Homeless Service Center, Family Services Center. Sonoma county schools are endorsing and sending out
  • USDA Fire Recovery Assistance

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture has multiple agencies that provide financial and/or technical assistance to help farmers, ranchers and rural landowners recover from natural disasters, such as wildfires. Listed are USDA agencies and an overview of applicable programs. Funding for some programs are contingent on the on the annual enactment of Congressional appropriations legislation.