Licensed Childcare for Displaced Families and First Responders

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Tomorrow (and Friday as well, if there is a response/need), Tree House Hollow Preschool in Sebastopol will be providing respite childcare for families from 9am - 6pm (you may arrange to drop off earlier if you desperately need it, contact us). This care is specifically for folks who have been evacuated or who are families of First Responders. Children 2.5 to 12 years old welcome :)

Lunch and snacks provided! No need to bring anything except your kiddo and reliable contact information. :)

The idea is to give parents time to decompress, run errands, make phonecalls, go in to work, check on homes - whatever is necessary, while knowing your child is in a licensed and reliable place where they will be engaging in fun activities and being loved and taken care of. All of the teachers volunteering are from local schools and are certified and safe!

We have been part of this community for 25 years, and we want to help! Please contact or drop in between the hours posted. We will be full once we reach 45 children (we are split into two campuses to accommodate this number, so it won't be overcrowded) so it's better to check in first if you can!

Best wishes to all! :)


  • What a wonderful offer to families! It's so important for the parents to have time to deal with everything without worrying about their children and for the children to have space where they can be and feel safe and not afraid from all that is unknown to them. You are angels :)

    msmary "(almost 3 years ago)"
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