Donation Request from Local Indigenous Community.

posted almost 3 years ago by MartinOlmsted from Sonoma County I.W.W.
This update is over 30 days old.

We have received a donations request from the local Elem Indian Colony. Here is a link to their page:


  • Hey Martin0, can you get them to be more specific about what they would like? Housing - where? For how many? A case of bottled water or a tank truck parked at the reservation? Diapers? Much as we'd like to, we can't deliver "relief". We can direct goods and services to them.

    If the only request is for money I believe they have to register with us and get checked out as a qualifying nonprofit. Then we can pass them on to funding organizations (which we are not).

    lizajloop "(almost 3 years ago)"
  • We will contact them ASAP to see if they are in need of specific supplies. How do I go about helping them get registered? Their page does say they are an official NPO.

    MartinOlmsted "(almost 3 years ago)"
  • Think you can register them as an organization on this site

    mazzeo "(almost 3 years ago)"
  • Here's a page with more information about the colony, which is in Lake County: .

    It appears that the colony is without power, and that's affecting water availability; the page also mentions masks. The 20+ homes of the colony have not (at least per that page) been damaged by fire, directly.

    JohnBroughton "(almost 3 years ago)"
  • We are on our way there with a load of supplies and some money for them.

    MartinOlmsted "(almost 3 years ago)"
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