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This update is over 30 days old.

Organizing the relief efforts for all those in Northern California County's affected by the fires.

We have a FB page up and operational to aid in getting the resources to where they are needed most.

With all the overwhelming amount of support and donations pouring in, allow us to help you get those resources where they are needed most. Please visit our page.

Please add what you have or need.

We have a growing list of those willing to transport goods to those in need.

We can arrange transport between shelters as well.

We are helping to organize the efforts so these donations can be utilized in the best possible way.

Many wish to help and do not know how, this will help allow others to help in the most affective way.

Please join our page and help our group effort.

Keep up the great work, many are counting on it.


  • This seems like we are duplicating efforts. How can we make sure that we are working most efficiently? Are there things your Facebook page can do that this website platform can't? How can we work together?

    maggiecoshnear "(almost 3 years ago)"
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