Evacuations Reduced

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Nixle 8:42pm

Mandatory evacuations have been reduced.

Limited Evacuations Lifted in areas east of Fulton Road, from Francisco Ave to Guerneville Road, to HWY 101, from Steel Lane/ Chanate Rd, to Calistoga Road : with the exceptions of streets leading up to Fountain Grove area where fire damage exists.

There will be smoke in the respective areas as firefighters continue firefighting operations. If at any time you feel unsafe please call 911.

Please stay vigilant on current fire conditions and continue to adhere to road closures.

Stay clear of down electrical wires and contact PG&E if needed. Anything smoking should be considered hazardous. Drive slowly and yield to emergency personnel.

If you reenter your property please be aware that hazardous conditions may exist especially if your residence or out building has burned.

Hazards might include heavy metal, asbestos, by-products of plastic combustion and various other chemicals.

Wear a mask!!


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