**Non-medical volunteers needed**

posted over 2 years ago by StacyDuval from The Schoolbox Project Labels: volunteer distribution sorting
This update is over 30 days old.

Our new donations/sorting/distributing center on 5400 Old Redwood Hwy needs volunteers EVERYDAY. Still can't believe how many trucks and containers were redirected to us and unloaded yesterday. Now time to distribute them to shelters and people in need!


  • Is there a way to signup? I would be happy to help on Sunday.

    jennygreene "(over 2 years ago)"
  • I would be available to help tomorrow (10/15). Please let me know.

    rukmini_bhat "(over 2 years ago)"
  • Do you still need help today? If yes, what time are you open until?

    juliac83648 "(over 2 years ago)"
  • Me and my sister are available tomorrow 10/15

    Katilynnjohnson "(over 2 years ago)"
  • Me and a friend can volunteer tomorrow (Sunday 10/15). We'll show up around 12 noon if that works for you.

    pkirsch79 "(over 2 years ago)"
  • I can help tomorrow morning. What time are you open.

    Jacorradi "(over 2 years ago)"
  • I can help tomorrow 10/15 or any day this month.

    Vgianni "(over 2 years ago)"
  • Myself and a few others are able to help Sundays and Wednesdays, please let me know how we can get involved

    meganckilduff "(over 2 years ago)"
  • I can volunteer 10/16 from noon onward. Please let me know if I can help.

    ccmccgardner "(over 2 years ago)"
  • I can come help today - Sunday!

    KerryCanHelp "(over 2 years ago)"
  • I can help on the 18th -19th

    AJLIBRA "(over 2 years ago)"
  • I can organize a group to volunteer Saturday afternoon. Please let me know how to arrange this if convenient. Thanks!

    asherris "(over 2 years ago)"
  • I am available Friday....how to proceed - do I just show up or will you notify me? I prefer to come in early.

    Betho "(over 2 years ago)"
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