Volunteers Needed + New Donation Center Open at Epicenter Santa Rosa

posted almost 4 years ago by mazzeo from Sonoma County Conservation Action Labels: volunteering donations drop-off needs
This update is over 30 days old.

10/18/17 UPDATE from Center:

Thanks for all your support with putting out information on there. We are currently no longer accepting donations and all of our volunteer slots have been filled for the week. We would really appreciate it if you could delete that post. We are currently at capacity for donations and looking to transfer all of them to a new location next week. Please email me if you have any questions.



  • I can be there on Wednesday and / or thursday :)

    AJLIBRA "(almost 4 years ago)"
  • I just spoke with Monica Rowley (m.rowley@visitepicenter.com, 707-477-2806) at Epicenter.

    They are not really open to the public yet and weren't exactly sure how their distribution process would work. I assured her that we would work closely with Epicenter and suggested they become one of our organizations. Monica was concerned that folks who didn't look like they were "victims" were coming in and helping themselves. She thinks connecting with surrounding schools and other organizations to honor request from their constituents may be the way to go. We could train "matchers" who would do fulfillment specifically from Epicenter. Would it be a good idea for one volunteer to coordinate this effort?

    Please see my suggestion that we list Epicenter on the public side of sonomacounty.recovers.org. Monica had never seen the site so I walked her through a bit of it and she wants to look into it further. I'd be please to work with other volunteers to focus on distribution plans and procedures, not receiving, stacking and sorting. Please contact me if you are already doing this or want to join a team to do it. Lizaloop@loopcenter.org

    lizaloop "(almost 4 years ago)"
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