Records of Volunteer Hours Contributed Mean Money from FEMA for Sonoma County

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This update is over 30 days old.

Organizers: It is very important that we keep track of every hour that people volunteer at your organization. Why? FEMA pays Sonoma County on the basis of the total value of in-kind services we've received. "We" is all of the organizations and agencies in the county. Please ask your volunteers to keep track of the date they worked, how many hours, what job they were doing and who their supervisor was/is. This list should go to the volunteer site leader. Each organization will transfer this info on the necessary form and turn it in to the county which will then report to FEMA. Please stay tuned to this Update site for further instructions about the forms and where to send them. While we figure that out capture and hold on to the information. This has to been done now because your volunteers are beginning to melt away and people will be difficult to contact or will have forgotten what they did when. Thanks.


  • Here is a form approved by the Sonoma County EOC for collecting hours. We are at the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County designated to help collect this from all agencies as we compile the reports for the county. for any questions

    VolunteerCenterofSonomaCounty "(almost 3 years ago)"
  • That Google Doc is in the owner's trash according to a pop-up. Is there a more current improved one we should use instead?

    Best Regards,

    Cody Farrell Warehouse Coordinator School House Distribution Center Sebastopol, CA

    CodyFarrell "(almost 3 years ago)"
  • apologies, that was older version. here is the new one approved by Emergency Coordinator Brett Blaser

    VolunteerCenterofSonomaCounty "(almost 3 years ago)"
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