SHARE Fire - volunteers need to be assigned to SHARES

posted almost 3 years ago by PPSCShareFire from Petaluma People Services Center Share Fire Labels: on-going volunteers for ppsc share fire
This update is over 30 days old.

PPSC SHARE Fire is currently looking for volunteers to work with those displaced by the fire and those who are hosting them.

Here is how it works, you will be introduced to your SHARES via email and provided some information about them.

You will then be asked to follow up with them both, to make sure everything is going ok – see what their needs are and if there is some resources they need.

PPSC SHARE will provide you with some information on a regular basis to provide to your SHARES and also will help with providing additional support to the families, for example extra gift cards to give to them.

In turn we are asking you to check in with us often to let us know the status of the SHARE.

If you are interested please email Provide your phone number and we will begin the matching process for you as a SHARE Fire Volunteer.


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