Deadline for Cal Fresh Benefits: NOV 1

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All fire victims qualify for the following Food Benefits

Household size: Benefit: 1 person $192; 2 people $352; 3 people $504; 4 people $640; 5 people $760; 6 people $913; 7 people $1,009; 8 people $1,153; +1 additional people +$144

Requirements to apply: Must not be current CalFresh participant. Must have been living or working in disaster area at time of disaster. Must have suffered a disaster-related loss or incurred other disaster related expenses. Must verify identity and participate in face-to-face interview. No Social Security Number required.
You can apply in two ways:

  1. In person at any County Welfare Department. Note: You can pre-fill out the Disaster CalFresh application in (English) (Spanish) and bring in to any CWD office.

  2. On-line to the county where you lived or worked that experienced the fires: go to and choose Sonoma county.


  • There are income requirements for Disaster CalFresh: The total net (take-home) income received during the benefit period plus accessible liquid resources, minus eligible disaster-related expenses, shall not exceed the disaster gross income limit. Click to view disaster gross income limits for the period of 10/01/17 - 09/30/18.:

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