Parenting Through Recovery from North Bay Fires ~ 1 Sessions left: Mar 26 ~ Child Parent Institute

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CPI is offering free groups for parents who have lost their homes to the fires. These groups support parents in their own recovery and present research-based information to parents about how to foster resilience in their children. We talk about feelings and behaviors you might see in your kids in the coming months, and how to help guide your kids through the recovery process in order to reduce the risk of long term effects. We also talk about red flags that could indicate a need for counseling. Although concrete information is presented, there is no strict agenda, and discussion is based on the needs of the people who attend.

For parents who lost homes in the North Bay fires, life in the past three months has probably been very occupied by logistics. You are also in the process of recovering from a pretty major trauma. Although children might seem like they have "bounced back," they have endured a traumatic event as well, and are in need of ongoing support from their parents. As parents take steps to strengthen their own recovery, they become better equipped to foster resilience in their children. Some parents have been finding that talking with other parents who have lost their homes can be a source of support, strength, resources, and empathy.

This class is free of charge and offered on a drop-in basis on the following Mondays: Feb. 5, Feb. 26, Mar 12, Mar 26.

You can come to any number of these groups that you'd like, and no advance registration is needed.

Child Parent Institute 3650 Standish Ave, Santa Rosa, California 95407


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