North Bay Fire Recovery - Homeowner Assistance Forum Mar 31st 10am

posted 7 months ago by sonomarebound from Sonoma Rebound
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Finding Answers in the First Steps and Critical Decisions for Homeowners

Here at Building Solutions, we understand that losing your home to fire can be truly devastating, and sometimes it can be hard to know where to go from here. Our goal is to guide you through the process of…

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News about use of Recreational Vehicles in Sonoma County

posted 11 months ago by lizaloop from LO*OP Center, Inc.
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From City of Santa Rosa web site (

The use and occupancy of travel trailers and other recreational vehicles on any parcel outside of fire-damaged sites, will be allowed without permit for an initial period of 45 days. Beyond the initial period, a temporary permit from Permit Sonoma is required…

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Pre Fab rentals -Housing for Santa Rosa Fire Survivors

posted 12 months ago by Sdadkins from LO*OP Center, Inc.
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This just popped up on a Facebook group. Don't know what timing is, but worth checking out. If you know someone looking for RENTALS.. Faith House Communities plans to have rentals for the Fire Victims. They will be prefab unit communities. They will be Fully Furnished, staff during the day,…

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RCU Application NOW OPEN for financial assistance - grants of up to $1K to families who lost homes

posted 12 months ago by ErinAxelrod from Sonoma County Conservation Action
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How to Apply for Support from North Bay Fire Relief Fund

Our hearts go out to those who experienced loss as a result of the devastating 2017 North Bay fires. The North Bay Fire Relief fund supports the immediate needs of community members most impacted by the fires. All who…

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